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You wanna know why so many pretty girls are single ? Because they ignore all of the good men, because they are too busy looking for that “buff” hot guy with money a good job and dresses nice and has a nice car.. Because they know they are pretty and refuse to settle for less than that,I’m sorry to tell you that those guys are the ones you are crying over / and talking shit about not being loyal..because they have it all, they are just tossing around all u pretty girls cus they can. And most of them have nothing more to offer than a pretty face. Girls expect to find a man with all of those qualities from the get go. Stop looking for a man with it all. Find someone you like for all the right reasons. And build together. If you are a good woman you will push your man to have all of those things, and build a great future together as one and have all of those materialistic things your looking for right now. Like I always say if you are really looking for someone to love YOU for all the right reasons than stop looking for a man for all the wrong reasons.

you guys should start talking to me now before i become famous

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